o#define Help functions concerning memory and small calculations.
o#define mes_check_ptr(arg, call)
o#define mes_check_bnd( arg, bnd, call )
o#define mes_check_0( arg, call )
o#define mes_check_neg( arg, call )
o#define mes_check_expr( arg, call )
o#define mes_file( txt )
o#define mes_file_win( txt )
o#define mes_win( txt )
o#define mes_proc()
o#define mes_prot( txt )
ochar* mes_get_std_path(void)
ovoid mes(int flags, int line, char* xproc, char* proc, char* format, ...)
ovoid mes_smart(int flags, const char* txt, int bytes)
oint mes_ability(int on)
ovoid mes_err(char* txt, int error_nr, char* proc_info)
ovoid mes_exit(void)
ovoid mes_fformat(char* txt, char* filename, int line, char* proc_info)
ovoid mes_init(char* logfile, void (*winfct) (const char* ), int argc, char* argv[])
ovoid mes_init_args(int argc, char* argv[])
ovoid mes_init_logfile(char* file_name)
ovoid mes_init_winfct(void (*win_fct) (const char* ))
oint mes_insert(FILE* fp, char src, int cnt)
ovoid mes_time(void)
ovoid mes_va(int flags, int line, char* xproc, char* proc, char* format, va_list args)
oint mes_win_ability(int on)
ovoid* mes_calloc(int bytes)
oint mes_copy(char* oldname, char* newname)
oint mes_fgetc(FILE* fp)
oint mes_fflush(FILE* fp)
oFILE* mes_fopen(const char* filename, char* attribute_string)
oint mes_fprintf(FILE* fp, char* format, ...)
oint mes_fputc(FILE* fp, char chr)
oint mes_fputs(FILE* fp, char* str)
oint mes_fread(FILE* fp, void* mem, int bytes)
oint mes_fread_quiet(FILE* fp, void* mem, int bytes)
oint mes_fseek(FILE* fp, long offset, int fromwhere)
oint mes_fseek64(FILE* fp, unsigned int uoff, unsigned int loff, int fromwhere)
oint mes_ftell(FILE* fp)
oint mes_fwrite(FILE* fp, void* mem, int bytes)
ovoid* mes_malloc(int bytes)
oint mes_move(char* oldname, char* newname)
oint mes_realloc(void** mem, int bytes)
oint mes_remove(char* filename)
oint mes_rename(char* oldname, char* newname)
oFILE* mes_tmpfile(void)
o Help functions for printing.
ochar* mprintf_dyn(char* dst, int maxlen, char* format, ...)
ochar* mprintf_va(char* dst, int maxlen, char* format, va_list args)
ochar* mprintf_va_dyn(char* dst, int maxlen, char* format, va_list args)
o rng Initialization for the random number generator
ovoid ghmm_rng_init(void)
ovoid ghmm_rng_timeseed(GHMM_RNG* r)

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