scanner Structure and methods; the functions handle memory and

o scanner_alloc
o scanner_consume
o scanner_consume_block
o scanner_error
o scanner_free
o scanner_free_array
o scanner_get_array
o scanner_get_double
o scanner_get_edouble
o scanner_get_id
o scanner_get_int
o scanner_get_name
o scanner_get_path
o scanner_get_str
o scanner_get_d_matrix
o scanner_get_index
o scanner_get_length_x
o scanner_get_length_y
o scanner_get_resolution
o scanner_get_boolean
o scanner_get_char
o scanner_get_cchar
o scanner_get_cstring
o scanner_get_string
o scanner_get_char_array
o scanner_get_cstring_array
o scanner_get_double_array
o scanner_get_double_earray
o scanner_get_int_array
o scanner_get_string_array
read in the input file, which contains the structure and the methods.

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