o scluster_t
Cluster structure: All models and sequences.
o scluster_t
o scluster_t_free
Frees the memory allocated for a scluster_t struct.
o scluster_out
Writes out the final models.
o scluster_avoid_empty_smodel
Avoids empty models going out as outputs by assigning them a random sequence.
o scluster_hmm
Makes a cluster and reestimates the HMMs.
o scluster_update
Updates the cluster with additional sequences.
o scluster_update_label
Updates a label
o scluster_print_likelihood
Prints out the likelihood values for the cluster.
o scluster_best_model
Determines form an already calculated probability matrix, which model fits best to a certain sequence.
o scluster_prob
Calculates the logarithmic probability of sequences for a model.
o scluster_random_labels
Creates random labels for a vector of sequences
o scluster_log_aposteriori
Calculates the aposteriori prob.
o scluster_print_header
Prints the input vector for scluster_hmm

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